IOS - 17 Upcoming Top Features You have to know!!!


iOS 17 has some amazing new features that you just have to know like an AI voice cloning tool that can talk for you this is my clone voice a brand new mode that turns your iPhone into a bedside clock and a few new hidden customization features there are just so many cool new things so let's get into it. 


okay now you guys have gotta check out this awesome new feature because remember when Apple bought this order cropping to the iPhone where it cut your subject out from the background well now you can tap on ADD sticker and the BAM just like that you have a custom made sticker from one of your images but it doesn't end there because if you open up messages and tap on the sticker icon then the plus you can select a live image and all you do is wait a couple of seconds for it to automatically remove the background then tap add and now you have a live sticker I mean this is insane so from here you can then drag your live stickers or normal stickers onto messages within the message app and they'll continuously play but what's even cooler is if you tap and hold on any sticker you can select add effect and there are four different ones to choose from what's crazy is the puffy and shiny sticker actually react based on how you're holding your phone and all these stickers can be used in third-party apps like WhatsApp so you can spice up your stickers with some sweet old school effects just like this that kind of make me feel like I'm back in the 90s this feature is probably one of my favorites for on the update but this is just the tip of the iOS bug there's still so much more.


Custom Call Profiles

now this is probably going to be one of the biggest hits when it comes to the new update and it's contact posters it is so cool because when you phone someone your custom contact poster will actually show up on their phone so to edit yours all you got to do is click on the phone application and then tap your name and in the top right hand side click on edit then the fun really begins because there's actually so many different options you can choose from you can choose to use a photo Emoji or monogram so I decided to go with photo and what's awesome is just how much you can customize that photo within the poster so you can resize and position your image but then decide on a different style maybe you want to cut the background out or even choose a completely different background color there really are a ton of different options and after that you can tap on your name and then decide on the font and also what thickness you'd like that font to be once again you can also change the color and a nice little tip to getting a good looking poster is to really theme it out and get a bunch of different matching colors and this also works the other way around so of course if you have a contact that is created there own poster every time they phone you their custom poster will appear on your phone and to make sure this all works just click on contact photo and post it below yours then just toggle on name and photo sharing this does only work with iPhones but if you do have any contacts with an Android phone you can still create a custom poster for them yourself that you'll see on your phone every single time they call .

Name Dropping

so another interestingly cool feature that Apple just dropped is actually called name drop how this works is when you tap your iPhone against another iPhone that also has the iOS 17 update you can instantly swap contact details so from now on if you ever want to get someone's contact details you're literally just gotta bang your iPhones together but another banging new feature is found within the phone settings called live voicemail if you turn this on what this feature does is when someone phones you if you leave it to go to voicemail you'll now see a live transcription of what the person is saying on the voicemail in real time which you can then decide if you want to take the call or not and while we're on the topic of voice I'd suggest you stick around because later on I'll show you how your iPhone can actually clone your voice by using nothing more than artificial intelligence. 

Bedside Clock

now this is another huge favor of mine and it's standby mode which basically turns your iPhone into a bedside clock but there is still so much more to it so within settings under the new standby mode right over here you can just toggle it on and what I really like is whether you charge your phone with a cable as long as you place it down horizontally it'll work or you can just use a magsafe charger so I put a stand for mine but either way your phone has got to be charging for it to activate then here's what makes it so cool because you can choose between different clock Styles as well as different Widgets or you can customize it further by tapping and holding down so here's the list of widgets that are currently displaying but if you tap the plus icon here is where you can choose from even more widgets like the battery one for example I also really liked the music widget so I added that too and believe it or not you can even add a widget to the opposite side so if you didn't want to clock you could do that too but there are even more options if you swipe left like this photo clock where it displays some of your favorite picks but you can choose a custom album by clicking on the plus icon just scrub through your albums pick your favorite one and for bam you got a photo clock and if that's still not your thing you can swipe left again then swipe up and there's even more options again just click and hold down to customize them even further by choosing different colors this is my personal favorite from the whole bunch but I absolutely love this feature and during the day it'll display the clock normally but at night when it's dark it'll automatically switch to this deep red night mode so that the light doesn't keep you awake. 

Interactive widgets

so one of the biggest updates to widgets is that they are now finally interactive straight on the home screen with iOS 16 you couldn't interact with widgets like reminders for example the contact widget never had any buttons but now you can message or call straight from the widget and for some crazy reason you couldn't even control music from the music widget but now you can another widget that got a much needed upgrade was photos because believe it or not up to this point you actually couldn't choose the pictures you wanted to display but now finally you can choose any album you just gotta tap and hold done on it then click edit widget and right over here you can select any one of the albums you have ever created and just keep in mind the pictures will change roughly every hour as mentioned with the contact widget you can now add buttons so you basically run through the same steps to edit it by tapping and holding down then edit widgets but what's really cool is that they've allowed you to choose what app you'd like to message or call your contact with so for example you can choose to call with FaceTime but message with WhatsApp it's totally up to you but this is just so Nifty another epic upgrade is the find my widget because you can now track items right from the widget and it'll even display the item's battery also a little tip whenever you editing your home screen if you accidentally make a mistake did you know you can just shake your iPhone and instantly undo any mistakes amazing. 

Lock Screen Customization

now the lock screen also got a couple new epic customization updates and the first one is adjusting the clock spot so if you tap on it you can now thin out or thicken the font and this does work on most of the fonts but not all of them just yet even though this is a minor update it does actually make quite a big difference to the overall look and I like it the astronomy wallpapers also got a big update because you can travel way past the moon and Mars now to Jupiter's Saturn Neptune and even Uranus I also love the little animation or movement that happens when you unlock your iPhone it's subtle but so nice then there's also a new hidden wallpaper if you open up photos you can now select any live photo and what's important is once you've found the live footer you want to use make sure this icon is turned on because then it'll keep the movement so now whenever you unlock your iPhone you get the sweet Dynamic slow motion wallpaper and I absolutely love it then this is a brand new wallpaper option called Kaleidoscope there are a bunch of different options and at first it may just seem a little bit boring but as soon as you lock or unlock your iPhone you get this little animation and it's just so freaking cool. 

Must Know Features

now there are a few Nifty new features that everyone must know and the first one is you can now finally add multiple timers it's kind of wild that you couldn't do this before but now if you need a five or ten minute timer just click the plus icon and add as many as you want and as you can see they'll all run simultaneously together I've personally been wanting multiple timers for so long so it's nice to see that Apple listens another Nifty feature you must know is if you head into series settings then tap on lesson 4 you can toggle this option on where you don't need to say hey anymore now all you have to do is say Siri set a five minute timer five minutes counting down which is so much easier than saying the whole pay thing then the lookup feature also got a bit of an update because now photos will automatically identify what's in every picture and label it with these icons what's even crazier is that with some pictures like this food dish if you tap on the lookup icon it'll actually give you recipe results based on that picture how cool. 

Check In

okay so within the messages app you now also get a really Nifty new feature if you click on the plus icon then scroll up you'll find it right over here called check-in and it's basically a security feature so if you're going back home from a night out you can send a check into one of your contacts so that when you get back home they'll get a notification to get it to work you just need to click on the edit button and in here you can choose either between the timer option or location option and how it works is for the timer option you just got to set an ETA of when you think you'll actually arrive then send that to your friend and instantly they'll get a notification that you've shared a check-in with them and they'll be notified of when you arrive then when you do actually get to your destination your iPhone will quickly prompt you to finish the check-in it works almost exactly the same with location however you can change the address as well as type of Transportation I personally really like this feature because if you don't arrive your contact will be alerted and your current location will be sent to them also within messages from now on whenever you receive a voice note it'll automatically be transcribed for you so you can quickly read it instead of having to listen to it and thank goodness you can also finally swipe right to reply on any message. 

AI Voice Clone

 but your iPhone can clone your voice wow it's actually crazy at how simple it is to do this and all you got to do is head into the accessibility settings and scroll down to personal voice in here you can tap on create personal voice and basically get started with it once you've named your new voice what you're going to do is read out all the different prompts it shows on your screen it's actually really self-explanatory and all you got to do is follow the steps the nice thing is it actually shows you the pronunciation and you can also redo any takes if you mess up in total it takes around 20 minutes but just take your time when setting it up and really speak nice and clearly after you're done with all the recordings the AI will start training just make sure you have your iPhone plugged in and on charge because it won't do any training unless your phone is charging but training the AI does take some time because it can take anywhere from one day to a few days but once all of that is done head into your live speech settings and make sure to turn this on after that in the voices section just select your personal voice you created and now you can just tap the side button three times to open this up then type out whatever it is you want and check this out hey does this sound like me this doesn't actually sound too bad but I think it still needs just a little more work as you can see there are so many new amazing features that actually make a massive difference and the new iPhone 15 is also just around the corner so make sure you read & comment. Thankyou

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