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Oneplus 12 review

what is happening for welcome to all television everyday your hotspot for Day to day Tech news ensure you like so you understand what's happening in the realm of tech how can everybody do so we have an astonishing day of tech news since we're discussing the OnePlus 12. the delivery date The every one of the specs for it fundamentally thus significantly more and a few truly extraordinary inquiries so how about we Make a plunge I will put these terrible young men in I will remain on screen simply make myself somewhat well I see you can scarcely hear me and see me joking what might be said about the OnePlus 12 specs so this telephone, first of all, is a spec monster and this is what it will resemble it will have one in addition to 12 will be the name of it will be the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 processor which is going to crack psycho the hn2 was insane with execution and battery duration 8 Gen 3 should accept it again to one more level with execution and battery duration 6.7 inch AMOLED show 2K goal 120 hertz revive rate so sort of hard for the course with a leader telephone nowadays the size the goal and the invigorate rate 16 gigs of LP ddr5x Smash ton of slam mixed together and that is the very thing you need you need a ton of smash in this you can run numerous applications things won't dial back applications won't finish off that Smash is perfect for 256 gigabytes of ufs 4.0 capacity is the quickest perused compose capacity as of now accessible for telephones and you realize you could take a gander at 256 and say it's insufficient for me I want 512 or I want one terabyte 256 is certainly a genuine perfect balance with what we got at this moment and again sort of not all bad for a lead telephone 5400 milliamp battery this is humongous particularly on a lead telephone nowadays organizations are apparently they are adding battery duration to their telephones yet not at this degree so that is a tremendous battery so this thing's presumably going to have astounding battery duration with the hn3 and the 5400 milliamps of battery yet regardless of whether it 100 watt wire charging this thing will charge presumably in around 25 minutes perhaps 30 minutes or something to that effect from zero to 100 it will be extremely quick however at that point it can likewise remotely charge at 50 Watts which again is totally astonishing I'm cherishing seeing these wired and remote charging speeds 50 megapixel essential camera 50 megapixel Ultra wide and a 64 megapixel fax with 3x optical zoom so extremely high megapixel cameras you know are they going to be incredible they will be normal we'll need to keep a watch out get our hands on that 32 megapixel front camera again lovely to see that ready slider similar to what the iPhone has and what the OnePlus telephone has had for quite a while in show unique finger impression sensor show will go right under the presentation finger impression will be in any case I ought to say and it'll run oxygen operating system 14 and Android 14. presently this telephone ought to be delivered in China first in December and afterward advance toward the remainder of the World by February so we're still sort of somewhat of an exit plan however it's looking super beasty I'm cherishing what's going on with everything OnePlus is doing with their OnePlus open crease telephone as well as this too it resembles they're they're not I feel like they're not exactly compromising on the specs in any case so a lot of anticipating their new telephones coming out extremely soon OnePlus open crease would be out and reported in August delivered presumably in September and afterward the OnePlus 12 and uh like I said December and February by the remainder of the world the subject of the day is what is your take on these specs I do you believe that every one of your telephones should seem as though this you needn't bother with this what do you believe is the most great and least amazing or troubling about these specs put it in the remarks down underneath right away how about we bounce on our q a Dave's getting some information about the OnePlus open um do I figure the form quality on it will be generally excellent particularly since it's fundamentally an Oppo telephone and definitely I think it'll be very great it is something worth talking about to be worried about on the grounds that it's a foldable telephone yet I don't believe it will be horrendous so I have high expectations for it will it be preferable over a Samsung or a pixel is not yet clear yet I think it'll be a genuinely decent form quality to it Scratch is getting some information about the OnePlus open overlay once more on the off chance that he's thoroughly considering about getting that a Universe Z overlay he needs to realize about network will it work with Verizon well I found it OnePlus 11 was viable with every one of the organizations here in America Verizon a t and furthermore T-Portable so I would figure and expect subsequent to perusing that we're most likely going to see very much like similarity in that the OnePlus open crease would work with Verizon I don't figure Verizon will sell it straightforwardly yet you got to accept that it's likely going to be viable with it bicycle is asking Samsung keeps down on highlights because of absence of rivalry yes I surmise a smidgen you know when you don't have colossal contest here you don't have to push things this insane um I think they additionally do it for cost slicing estimates it's simpler to emerge with something less different over something a ton changed so it presumably checks out last inquiry from Regular person posing to me what includes the OnePlus overlap has over the z-overlap 5 well um it ought to have more Smash the other enormous thing which is certainly not a gigantic arrangement yet this ought to have somewhat more Slam the two greatest for me are the external presentation is significantly more easy to use meaning it's greater on the OnePlus overlay within show is additionally greater I need an immense presentation why not um the I don't know yet the camera I'm trusting the cameras will be preferable over the one the z-crease three five I ought to say um what else quicker charging on the OnePlus overlap I mean don't get me wrong I've said multiple times z-crease 5 is an extraordinary telephone yet when the cameras aren't apparently all that they could be or even a move forward uh that much from whatever else and the external showcase is essentially unusable for me that is where I would define the boundary I'm similar to this isn't energizing I don't need this I need something going to be my all telephone so that is the reason I would pick the OnePlus overlay over the z-overlap five to some extent on paper gratitude for  folks assuming that you have an inquiry leave it in remarks down underneath hashtag question pose an inquiry we'll respond to it in the upcoming articals have an extraordinary day we'll see you not too far off harmony. 

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