Best anti theft app for mobile phones in 2023


Hello friends, if you also want to protect your mobile from theft and if you want to know who uses your mobile then you have come to the right article.  Today I will tell you how you can protect your mobile with the help of an app and if you try to use your mobile, you will get its notification.  location and photo.  Received files are sent to your EMAIL and you can simply track them on your mobile phone.

how to use the app.

1''    install the app in your mobile phone.

2''   open the app and click ''start up'' and allow  ''active now''  click next.

3''   picture trigger sellect any  ''face unlock attemp''  and click next.

4''   allow  ''camera acces''  and click next.

5''   enable ''location''  on your mobile phone. 

6''   sellect the ''EMAIL'' the email want the alert  message to.

7''   Alert notification ''Enable notification'' and click next.

8''    your all set  and click '' try it now'' 

The first thing you should do is install or open this app on your mobile from the link given below. After that you simply follow the instructions given above or setup the app.  After denying all permission, you will be asked to login to your second mobile by receiving the alert message on your email.

Download File

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